My Personal Diary of My Life
2001-10-07 05:38:17 (UTC)

To start fresh and Homecoming with Luke.

To start fresh, im Heather Stowe. I live in Sheridan,
this really fuckin small ass town. Its not all that bad
though. i dont really mind it. Well i guess instead of
telling you all the crap about my dumb ass life. i dont
want to bore you. Well yesturday was homecoming. it was
fuckin cold! I was freezing my ass off. It was kinda
close to half time. Then i saw Luke he was leaning up
against the fence. Thats were Jessica, Courtney, Ashley,and
i were standing. He came up and put his arm around me. We
liked each other back in middle school. Well i figured the
little crush would be over with by now. well i guess its
not. He picked me up and started to spin me, it was so
embarrassing. Yet it was cute. He was flirting with me and
it showed. I dont really like him. Then we walked over to
the other side of the bleachers. He was holding me and all.
he then said his hands in my shirt, "cuz his hands were
cold and he wanted to see how cold they really were." He
then was holding me really close this time. it made me feel
pretty good. He has really good.....eyes. Well he was
looking in my eyes. it seemed like his eyes were so deep.
He looked like he wanted to kiss me. Because i dont like
him i turned away. well in some ways i think i do. He has a
kid and that what kinda scares me. I mean eventually ill
end up fucking him, but he has a kid! Well he kept doing
this. i knew what he was up too. Ashley saw it as well.
She wanted to talk to him on his own.She asked him if he
liked me. He said yes, a lot, he told her that he wasnt
trying to hide it. Well she told him to go ahead and ask me
to go out with him. He didnt ask, he just went to the
bathroom. he returned pretty late. Maybe he was thinking it
over. i dont know. i just know that he never asked me. He
then asked me to walk with him...ALONE! so i did. mp big
deal ya know. Well i thought he wanted to ask me. I he
would have asked me i would have said yes. i do like him,
just, i dont know. well Kevin kept giving me bad looks
like i was a slut or something. i dont know, he is an
asshole so it really doesnt matter. yeah then we went to
the dance. He wanted me to dance with me, but i didnt want
to for some reason. i should have but i didnt. i wish i
would have. He danced like to almost everygood song there
was. it was fun. well im gonna go cuz im tired and dont
feel like messing with this shit no more. night night!

Heather Stowe
October 7th, 2001