Nick's Journal
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2001-10-07 05:37:29 (UTC)

Another Saturday Night

Well today was great. I wake up from a dream in which i
get completely stoned. I "wake up" meaning that my dream
continued my life. I really woke up at 11 am went back to
be and "woke up" again. The second time I woke up I was so
stoned and was weird. I wonder why my
dreams have been doing this? They are extremely lucid and
it's so weird that they continue my reality. If someone
knows a shrink give me an answer!!!!!!

Mark and I have officially renamed the History Channel to
the Nazi Channel. about 90% of the shit is about the third
reich. why are we so interested? i mean the atrocity?
come on really, there are so many horrible things that have
happened and still happen. simply, it hits close to home.
a advanced, intellectual, western nation commits the most
heinous crimes humanity has ever seen. let's say that's
relative. how come we don't have a shit load of museums
for what the japanese did to the chinese? how they
enslaved the korean women for sexual torment? how they
forced sons to have sex with their mothers and stabbed
pregnant women in the gut? why? because westerners can
remove themselves from the Japanese. i know it sounds
racist but deep down it's true. we say "oh that's what the
JAPANESE do" or "that's what the tribes in africa do", pol-
pot, stalin......we can remove ourselves. germany?
hitler? we can't.......we know all too well that we are
them. and with the third reich we have undeniable truth
that the "intellectual" westerners can stoop as "low" as
the others. further more there is so much in the third
reich that's just plan fucked up.... i mean they were very
very very health concious and the army actually had decrees
that they should treat their guard dogs in a humane
fashion...the mandate said that a soldier would get
demerits for feeding a DOG the wrong food! what the hell?
yeah......they were incredibly organized, smart??? ha well
i'll let you be the judge of that. anyhow, i can't
complain i'm more than fascinated by it all. and who knows
maybe constant attention to this will keep us from turning
into fucking idiots again.