as the Oval turns
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2001-10-07 05:21:20 (UTC)

Go Bucks!!

Song of the Day: "When It's Over" - Sugar Ray

Setting: The Horseshoe, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
Players: The football players and the fans.
Players of Note: Me, Pacey, Bill, Skywalker, HG and his
order of seating...oh, and the Bucks :)

Okay, check it. Today I went to my first college football game...OSU
vs. Northwestern. The earlier part of the day I went shopping
w/Claudia and Jenna and got caught in traffic, so I was late meeting
up with Bill and Pacey...I called Pacey and he wasn't home, and I
couldn't remember Bill's digits. When I did get there 15 minutes
late, Bill was just getting there, and he said that Pacey was going
to meet us at the stadium. So we were walking there with the crowds,
and we met up with him in the stadium. We sat up in the nosebleeds
behind the left corner of the far goal line. Then, the way our
seating arrangement came out, I ended up sitting on the end right
next to Pacey. Dayum. The game was really good, and I enjoyed was exciting...and it was fun being with the friends I
was with. I also have to admit that I enjoy going to stuff and doing
stuff with Pacey, b/c he does get enthusiastic about that which he's
into...especially the testosterone-laden activities like football and
death-defying stuff. What's kind of jacked up is that I'm into a lot
of that same stuff...I love my sports and I love some other things
like rollercoasters (a little more than him...although I hate heights
with a passion) does that make me masculine or something? I
don't's funny b/c it reminded me of "the friend zone," b/c
I was hanging out with the boys like I normally do when watching or
doing something sports-related...yes, today, HG's gf was with us, but
the two of them are sewn together at the hip so you're not going to
see them apart, so she doesn't count. But that's fine, b/c I love my
boys...and the thing is, I don't see them as anything more, and I
don't want any of them like that (with the exception of Pacey every
other day or so).

So after the game, we left out, and Pacey went off into the sunset
w/out saying goodbye. I hate when he does that. Even if I'm on the
phone with him or sometimes on IM, he won't say goodbye...I know he's
going, don't get me wrong, but he just won't say any variation of
goodbye. I'm funny about that kind of stuff b/c honestly, you don't
know when the next time will come to see the person, and tomorrow
isn't guaranteed to anyone. But I don't know...he reminds me of my
sister in that sense, b/c she won't say goodbye either...but one time
Mom said that my sister doesn't like goodbyes, I guess b/c they're
too sad. Well, maybe that's his deal, or maybe it's not even that
deep and he's just being a dumb boy. I don't know...but what I do
know is that I need to go to bed...I have church tomorrow.

Goodnight :)