Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2001-10-07 04:46:29 (UTC)

Out of Control

I didn't have school on Friday so after the talent show
on Thursday night Danny and Dicky came to pick up Kim,
Ashley, and I. After driving around for a while we went
bacl to Danny's mom's apartment. I had been having a
really bad week to begin with because of my parents and all
(which by the way was their anniversary today) so I desided
the hell with it all and got a little screwed up. After
about four sips of gin I just didn't give a fuck about
anything anymore. I went outside to sit int hte car with
Ashley and had been trying to persuade her to give me a
ciggerett when Danny got in the car with us. Ashley looked
at Danny with that sly smile she gets when her mind is full
of an evil plot and told him that the only way I was going
to get a ciggetett was going to be if Danny kissed me.
And, the next thing I knew that is what happened. That
kiss lasted for only a short time and then after that I
went back inside. A while later all of us piled back int
othe car and went to roll a buunch of houses. Once we got back to
the house....ill finish this later!

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