My Life Story
2001-10-07 04:16:03 (UTC)


Today has really sucked. I had to work at the concession
stand at the cross country meet this morning from 8-1:30.
It was so cold and windy. I drank 8 cups of coffee, though
to keep myself warm, and it also really kept me going. I
came home and drank another pot of coffee and then went
shopping with E. She came over afterwards and we watched
part of Aladdin and then we got ready for our little choir
party tonight. There was supposed to be about 45 people
there, but no. There was maybe 25. It really sucked and no
one had a good time at all. A select group of us went to
J's house after the party and had a little party of our
own. That, too, sucked. I love J to death, it was just
weird being there with some of the people that were there.
The worst part of today, though, has been what this one,
unnamed guy has been doing. Last night he said he'd keep me
company at the cc meet this morning, and he was there but
he hardly said a word to me. Then I called him when I was
done and he said he couldn't talk cause he was about to
leave to visit one of his friends (out of town) and then I
saw him driving around woo about an hour later. Then I come
home from J's and see him parked at my neighbor's house.
Hmm....yeah. I really hate it when guys lie. He obviously
was not visiting his friend today. If he would have told me
that from the start, I would have been cool with it and
everything would have been ok. But no, he went and lied to
me and I'm just not cool with that. Anyways, ok, now that
I've gotten that out. Yeah, well, that was pretty much all
I had to say. Later.

~Daria :)