Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
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2001-10-07 04:15:47 (UTC)

Stupid People

Pre Delivery Date Syndrome-A version of the PMS excuse for
pregnant people.
"I see so many stupid people.The worst thing about that is
that they dont even know theyre stupid.They live their petty
meaningless lives complaining about how stupid everybody
else is."_Said by one of the 'stupid' people.
Dummies #2-Infinity: Im mad about www right now.I
dont know why some people feel like trends are good.On about 4 girls put up ads on the board for teen
pregnancy about how to do a home done abortion.Thats sick.I
really hope they do drag a coat hanger up their
genitals.Atleast they'll be sterle and get instatutional
help that way.Those few girls give a little justace to why
strangers give me the evilest look for being visably
pregnant.I had no idea females could be so sick to their own
creations!The thing that bothered me even more was when the
rest of the posts were from mean rude judgemental people who
said all teen mothers screwed up their life.That trend was
carried on as a main topic for a long time too.The reason
some of them get no respect is because they protest diffrent
types of Adoption as the only choice a teen mother has for a
good future for the baby and herself.I'll be damn if Im
spending 9 months bonding with my little one to pass him off
like some burden.I know a baby isnt easy to take care of,but
liveing an extra 3 years wont make that much of a diffrence
on how much he'll need and want.As a matter of fact,it will
cost even more in 3 or 4 years.
Dummy #1: After 7 months my bf decides he was wrong to
say"Dont cry.I can give you money to pay for the
abortion."Now he wants to be a good father figure,and the
only way he can do that is by me moveing in with him.I know
it would be better for my son to have a complete family
life.Completely miserable isnt what I want for him though.My
bf works at the office from 8a to 5p with sundays off.Yeah
right,he's broke!If I live at his townhouse Id be alone all
day with the baby eating fresh fruit from the discount isle
and watching VedgieTales between diaper changes and
breastfeedings.Id rather live at home where I can spend the
day with my mom,dad,and son eating microwaved food and
takeing Austin for walks through the community between
bottlefeeding and diaper changes.Id rather say "Dad,go in my
room and grab the pacifier for me." before Id like to say"I
asked you to pick up wipes on your way home.Why werent you
home at 5 like you said you'd be?"I occasionaly think my bf
is probably bisexual or something.I have such bad luck,that
its a possibility.
I have my last Sonogram appointment at 2p on Friday
10-12-01 and I cant wait.My bf better be there like he says
he will.If he wants to be such a great daddy he can start
right now.Id never say'your dad wanted me to abort you'but I
would say'No,he wasnt there when this picture was taken'
meaning the sonograms I have in the scrap book Ive started.

********************************************************************** got shut down.I moved on to goosehead and theyre shut down
now too.Now Im at and theyre really excelent there about
people being respectful to eachother.
I didnt move in with frank.I'll tell Austin what I can about me and
his dad but if Im tempted to be mean I'll tell him to ask his dad or
I'll give a simple answer until I can think nicer.Austin eats all his
babyfood and drinks a bottle before he gets snacks.He likes the
occasional eggs and toast breakfast,pretzils,steamed
carrots,broccli,pop siccles,and we just tryed hamburger helper the
other night and he loves it.I dont think I'll do canned lunches when
he's older.Im too creative for that.
Frank was at the sonogram.The lady was a bytch who wouldnt even let
us see the screen.

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