The Shadow of Myself
2001-10-07 04:00:01 (UTC)

whatever works...

It's so weird how just when you think that you're about to
figure yourself out a little more.. something happens that
makes you doubt how well you know yourself. But on the
same note.. it's those things that teach you the most about
how you are. So after you see that.. you can figure out if
you want to change that or not. It's also kinda funny how
you never seem to see the things coming... maybe it's b/c
you have your back turned... or maybe it's just b/c you
don't want to see it coming.. for whatever reason.

Meanwhile... umm.. school is going pretty well. I've made
some totally awesome friends!! I'm starting to make some
guy friends now too. I think it takes longer to make guy
friends than girl friends.. but thats fine.. b/c my girls
are just great.. and you always need them.. they know how
to relate. Guy friends are good in a different way. A way
that I'm not quite sure how to explain.. haha.

Classes are stupid... but I'm going to them... I've only
skipped one. So thats cool.. and stuff...

I'm tired now.. I'm not sure why.. but I'm gonna stop
typing now..