The Nightshade Princess
2001-10-07 03:56:17 (UTC)

blood red roses

My love and I at our school dance... He was so
beautiful, everyone saw it. So many cameras were
brandished for us. So many people told me I was so
beautiful... Red and black... Blood red roses on my
corsage, a long black velvet dress like that of a goddess.
I spent hours in mother's salon... half of it waiting for
the grrl who came before me. The woman there curled and
sprayed and combed and piled my hair around a beautiful
wreath of very red silk roses... they looked as alive as
I'd felt that night. Another woman painted and sanded and
glued until a lovely set of long crimson nails, graced with
black and silver and snow-white flames graced the tips of
my slim, white hands. A childish wonder overtook me when I
beheld their craft, melded with my own (as I had made the
dress). The first sight of him filled me with joy. It
really felt as if we were married... joined in our souls,
yet we did not need to be always joined at the hip, so to
speak. A royal couple it seemed... so much glitter and so
many admirers. I had so much fun that I fell into a deep
sadness on Sunday and was on the verge of tears the entire
day. For every hill there is a valley in me....