What's the point!
2001-10-07 03:22:30 (UTC)

How will it be?

Getting of the phone is hard to do, when you feel so at
ease at the sound of his voice.
As hard as my day was today he brings me back to peace and
I forget all the bullshit in the world and forget about all
the pain,
My day was fuckin hectic I say!! I was worked big time haha,
On the way home I gazed outside the window, thinking about
when he different things will be for him,
I worry about if he will feel out of place,
My life is so different...I live in a small town...
It's not always quiet around my house, I dont really go
out...and most of all I can't just take him to all these
places that I wish I could!!cuz I don't drive.
Honestly that's the one thing I really hate about all this
I feel bad cuz well my Matt dont often have to travel how I
For me it is everyday life, I like to walk and if it's too
far well there's the bus. I dont know any different so it
seems too normal to me. But how will it be for him?
I know he's gonna read this and he will respond with it's
ok sweetie something like that. But the thing is it's not
really ok! I feel kinda bad about it. I wish I could do
more for him.
If he only knew what he has done for me!!! He has got me to
think differently about things future!!
I met him a little while ago in Toronto and as soon as I
got back I got a job, I have been writting more I have been
saving..I am a happier person He really doesn't understand
how much he has really done for me. Basically to sum it up
in a simple phrase....He has givin me drive to do the best
at everything I can. :) I love you Matt soooo much!! you do
mean the world to me!! Well I am really sore right now I
think I am going to go pamper myself a of wild vines!!YA!!! sounds
fuckin sweet!!

I think I will write again before I go to sleep
Later Deanna