Traded your worth for these scars...
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2001-10-07 03:15:23 (UTC)

Plans went :-p

I told Derek that our plans would fall thru someway,
somehow... I was right:) Thanks

Yeah, apparently Derek's mom wouldn't "let" him go? Hmm..
interesting. Oh well.. I gotta stay home and watch the Ohio
State game. hehe

Yeah.. Ohio State kicked Northwestern's butt.. Go Bucks!:)

Taelor had her the Jr. High Homecoming dance to attend
tonight. It's sooo funny.. cause watching her get ready..
and then going to pick her up afterwards.. it sooo reminds
me of my Jr. High days. Ahh.. those were some good times.

Tomorrow is our Potluck dinner at church. So excited am I.
haha. For real tho, I loooove potlucks. Then, mom said that
maybe she and I could have a "mother-daughter" shopping day
tomorrow. I'd like that.

I think me and Amy are ok now. Things are changing.. but
we're cool.

Can I just say that my weekends suck? yeah.. they do. Last
night, I got home at 9:30.. and tonight.. I didn't go
anywhere at all. Man..