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2001-10-07 03:06:25 (UTC)

oh my god it was the best!!!

Today started off kinda bad... went to the mall with my
sis, she annoyed the hell out of me... and when i came home
i found out john had called, and with a few minutes after
i'd been home he called again... i told him i wanted to get
some sleep cause he insisted that we did something... i
have realized that i don't think i could have a
relationship with john, not the kind that he wants... so
anyway i told him i would call him later..
Then i went over to my friend brookes house and we went
back to the mall, basically for something to do.. we bought
a few things and came home.. it was nice cause we haven't
had time to spend together in a long time..
But the part that was so amazing is after i left brookes, i
went to a guy friends house, watched tv.. and a little more
happened.. OH MY GOD!!!! i have never felt anything like
it.. First my legs started to tremble, and my heart began
to race, a chile ran all through my body, and my body began
to shake, i couldn't talk and could barely move. and even
now a half an hour later chile keep running through my
body.. what i wouldn't give to be with him now... the sad
part is that he is off-limits because of other things (like
a certain family member) who wouldn't approve and i
wouldn't want to lose.. what to do? i don't know? but it
was fucking awesome...