Blonde And Dangerous
2001-10-07 02:47:14 (UTC)

Homecoming and all that....

Beth's party was alot of fun! I went with Jocelyn and all
I did was sit around the fire and talk to Zach, Lacey, and
Amber, but most of the time I just talked to Zach, and they
just kinda listened to us. It was so much easier to talk
to him there than on MSN, because we had so much more time
and everything! He was the only guy sitting there, and he
was TOTALLY surrounded by girls and Bryant Bradberry (Brad)
started calling him "chick magnet", which is out of the
totally normal for Zach. I have this magnet that I got out
of a Pop-Tarts box that says "chick magnet" and I'm going
to give that to him on Monday!
Our parade performance went well, I'd say. We stopped and
performed the whole of China Grove twice, and it sounded
good, surprisingly! I did forget a simple spin and twist,
but that's really okay. Our field shows are much more
important anyway.
Not much else has happened since. Jocelyn's house was alot
of fun, and she can pretty much figure out that I still
like Brandon, she just has no idea how much. That's fine,
I know she still loves Nathan! Josh is still my cover-guy,
but I DO like him! Just not as much as people think. Damn
him for having a GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!

"Not everything in this magical world is what it seems"