This is me...trying to find myself.
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2001-10-07 02:42:34 (UTC)

damn i need to write more

i havent wriiten in like well forever...

and i sadly dont have much to say
well lats see last wednesday was the school skating party
and i couple skated with nick
but like he says he only like me as a friend and he just
didnt want to hurt my feelings... but like hes always
flirting with me on the internet.... and DAMN do i like him
well thats basically it..
cept the fact the rucky burton tol dme that nick likes
danielle buris.. but then again ricky asked me out 15
minutes before that.. and i dont wanna sound concieted..
but he might just be trying to make me jealous.. either
that or nick really does like danielle..
any way its kinda late so im gunna know talk on the
internet for 3 more hours haha