Sarah's Journal
2001-10-07 01:34:10 (UTC)

Hey. So, here lie the details..

Hey. So, here lie the details to my weekend, thus far:
Friday: I woke up at 10! and did my laundry. I also took a
shower. Then I went to math. THEN I said bye to Nick.
Then I napped. I'm not sure what else I did, but it
probably involved the internet since I'm on it too damn
much. Sometime later I got ahold of Ryan. He tried to
cancel our plans due to a physics project, but we planned on
going out later on, around 9:30. He never called (jerk!) so
I hung out with Scott . . . interesting.
Saturday: I woke up and went to HERS. It was me, dad,
mandy, karen, jason, and this matt kid. We got a lot done.
Then we had breakfast and left. We got home and I went to
Panera with mom, danny, and mandy. I also bought my cell
phone =) Then TJ came over and I hooked up my cell phone
and I went to see Danny off to homecoming. I called Nick
cuz I could, Missy called and said she couldnt'hang out with
me this weekend, for good reasons, and Mandy and I watched
"saving Silverman". Now mom and dad are home and we're
going to watch "someone like you". So, off to the living
room. dso much for a worthwhile entry.
Plusses for today? Cell phone with cool features, plus it's
nokie so it's cute. Got to talk to Nick, always a plus.
Had great time with family. Had good time at HERS. Went to
Erfs (an old TJ word): Guys are assholes . . . well, no, I
just have no luck. My ears itch from cheap metal. I bet I
smell but I DON'T CARE! I'm hungry . . . but I am always
hungry. so . . .


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