the ups and downs of my life
2001-10-07 01:32:13 (UTC)


Well, today me and my boyfriend got into a huge fight. not
fun, especally when i found out a guy i knew died yesterday
in a car wreck with his wife and 3 kids, one kid is still
alive but in ICU, and they think she is gunna not make it.
Its terrible, i was so upset. i couldnt cry at work cuz im
a cashier and i coudlnt cry in front of the customors,
yeah. well the fight was awful, i cried for around 50
minutes. i never do that - i dont think i ever did before.
this guy has my heart, and i let my barriar down to him and
he kinda hurt me, but then i felt like an awful girlfriend
because i made him cry and i mean, ah! i am an awful
person, and im shaking and im numb and -shudder- i cant
believe this is me, im going fucking psycho! ok, this thing
is really good to vent.