The UnEven Eye
2001-10-07 00:26:41 (UTC)


I hate this. I hate this. Great abuse, No one to talk
to , No one that understands. They try But none of
them know me well enough to see the Facades of my lies.
Does that make me a good liar or something?

Well I don't think that matters. Its something to for me
to think about. I need something to do.

Well this is how it goes as of now. No one to talk to.
No one whom wants to talk to me. No one who cares. no
one who tries to care. Except for a few people. Some
them I'm even losing.

I lose to much. Nothing to hold on too. I'm falling.
Nothing left. Nothing nothing nothing.

I'm poorer than the poor. At least they have people, who

This boring. I need something to do. I will get a few
Airline tickets. I think. Fly out to see people. Deja..
Mickey..Monica.. Erin.