Jim Diary
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2001-10-06 23:44:15 (UTC)

Jim's week

Monday: Boring...hehe

Tuesday: I went to the school field trip. We went to the
IMAX theatre first to watch a documentary of Goldmining,
but I slept during the documentary. It was a super big
screen, but sorry, not my interest...hehe

Also, we went to the mineral museum, there's a Gold show, I
saw lot's of different kinds of Gold, it was interesting.

Then, I just left the team to hanging around downtown by
myself, sorry didn't see any hot guys. But I bought 2
necklaces and few rainbow stickers in different shapes.
And I wore one of the rainbow necklace to school 2 days in
a row, no one noticed it!

Wednesday-Friday....Nothing really happens. School is
boring as hell :P

That's it, not sure what I'm going to do with Canada's
Thanksgiving day though.

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