Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-10-06 23:27:00 (UTC)


I finally talked to Parker a little bit ago, and it was
really a relief. He sounds fine... his car is totaled, but
thankfully he is not. He said Justin had a concussion, but
he' s going to be ok too.

I pierced my ear yesterday afternoon, and if I may say so
myself, it looks pretty good. It didn't really hurt when I
was doing it, except a little in the middle, and the back
was really annoying, but I finally popped it through. Now
it's pretty sore, but I'm keeping it clean, so it shouldn't
get infected. My parents haven't found out yet, and
hopefully I can keep it that way until after it heals.
Which could be awhile, because your cartilage is supposed
to heal pretty slowly, and it took both sets in my lobes
awhile too.

Sarah, Brant, and I, and this new kid, Bryan, competed in
the Multiplexer, which is a math/science/engineering
tournament (I told you I was a nerd) today. We didn't win,
but it was actually pretty fun... the questions were
hilarious, the guys in charge of it were college kids, and
some of them were pretty cute, and Sarah and Brant are
always fun. Bryan, on the other hand, is one of those
super-smart people who has absolutely NO social skills at
all. He's totally inept at relating with people. I felt
kind of bad for him, but that didn't keep me from wanting
to throtle him.