The life of a hellraiser
2001-10-06 22:21:15 (UTC)

Thank God for the "Long Weekend"!

I'm so glad that our "long weekend" is finally here! I
sure as hell need a vacation, especially with all of the
bull being said about me has been a hot topic amongst our
gossip circles at Woodstown High School. The last few weeks
have not been easy on me. First off, because of this damn
spin the bottle incident that happened at lunch, I have
been banished from sitting where our vending machines are
located in the cafeteria indefinitely. Did I mention that
I've not been having fun during that period? All of the
funny stuff that used to go on now goes on without me and I
can barely hear what the guys I used to talk to are talking
about. Never have I felt so isolated before in my life. Bad
stuff like that will happen when the person with problems
like mine decides to joke around and be herself. I wasn't
being taken advantage of at all; I wouldn't have been
banned if the staff didn't overreact like they did. I also
would be sitting where I used to sit, which was the round
table across from the table where Vinny Bowe, Seth Frost,
Michelle Haney, Krista Adams, Heather Seaman, Ben Treadway,
Josh Ollek,and Geoff Gleason sit, if Vinny wouldn't have
gotten loud. I was kind of pissed at first to find out that
was why the staff interfered like they did, but I got over
it and I'm still sitting alone. What does it take to regain
what was once rightfully mine (my former table)around this
godforsaken school? Ever since then I no longer get any
attention at all, which I am having an unusually hard time
adjusting to, I'm alone with no one else to talk to and as
luck has it, my "new" table is near the lunch table where
Melissa Kern sits. Hooray, I'm so happy! Yeah right. I'm
mad as hell. One good thing has happened since that other
tragic day, Ben and I are starting to talk again, usually
it's whenever we see one another (which isn't very often).
So for the time being, I'm sitting there at the lunch table
acting all cool, hoping that one of my friends will have
the guts to sit with me because I'm sick of sitting there
and stairing into space. One bad thing has happened since
that other tragic day is that Vinny Bowe isn't giving me
any attention, plus he never says hi to me no more. I've
waisted what could have been a good week trying to say hi
to him, hoping he'd say hi back. No such luck, so I've
given up trying because all I managed to accomplish was
trying to make myself look like a total jackass. I have
such lofty ambitions, don't I? (j/k) Why he never said hi
to me, I'll never know. It could be because he didn't hear
me, he's probably still mad at me for what happened, or
he's just being the pompous jerk he can be sometimes.
Personally, I think it's a combination of him not hearing
what I said and being the pompous jerk he tends to be. And
this is starting to get to me since yesterday, when during
lunch I heard him say hi to Devon Hemsley after I had said
hi to him earlier that day. I just called him a jerk under
my breath.