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2001-10-06 22:00:06 (UTC)

i got to watch a movie!

i'm soo happy!! cuz i just got done watching forrest gump! i
had never seen it before, and everyone said i should so i
did! i still hafta watch grumpy old men and grumpier old
men, but this is a start, right? yesterday after school i
went to michelle's house. we hung out and watched t.v. until
5:30 when we went to check in to the hotel. then rosetta
went and got everyone else that came. it was such a fun
party! we were up until like 2 tho, so i'm kinda tired. i
learned how to play pool, like actually play. it was fun. we
played like 5 or 6 games of it. now my bro has 2 friends
here, and i don't wanna start my homework (a report on the
element zirconium) for science, so i'm gonna be on here for
a while. i'm gonna go play games. yay!