Blood and Chocolate
2001-10-06 21:39:50 (UTC)

Wow so much to tell !

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here !
Last night :
Kati Nicole and I went to the football game and we saw
this guy we are friends with named Chuck and he was in this
like black trench coat and kati was like " Chuck you look
like a child rapper!" and we all started laughing then he
came up to me really close touched my chest , slapped my
butt and walked away ! I was so mad ! Then whe we went to
go out of the gaits from the game so we could get
something out of the car the guy wouldn't stamp my hand !
He grabbed my are and held me against the gait and said I
couldn't go with my friends! and I waslike " why the hell
are you touching me?! " then I slapped him on the arm ! I
was so mad at him ! Why the hell was he touching me ?! he
was like 65 ! I was really pissed ! So then we didn't go
out to the car, and we started walking around ! Then we saw
this guy I like here and last time we had a home game him
and I hung out ( after that game Kati called me and was
crying cause she was all depressed about not having a
guy ! ) so when we saw Chris I figured he would come over
and hang out again , but he didn't cause Kati was so hyper
and kept screaming his name when we walked past ! and I
guess I could have gone and talked to him but I didn't want
Kati to get all depressed on her birthday !!! so yea I like
didn't talk to him at all last night ! and I feel like shit
cause of it ! then later during the game we were walking
and chuck ran right into me and I pushed him off and he
pushed me and I pushed him and then he tried to grab my
chest and I grabbed his hand before he could and I kicked
him and then punched him in the shoulder and THEN I turned
around to walk away and He grabbed me uner the ribs and
picked me up and held me against him and I kicked him in
the knee and he dropped me! I was so pissed off at him I
told him " If you ever fuckin touch me again my brother and
I will HURT YOU ! " and yea ! It brought back way to many
unwanted memories when he touched me ! I was so angry !!!!!
Later during the game one of our football players broke his
neck ( so they think ) ! How sad is that !!!!! :( ! *tear*
I felt so bad for him ! then Benji was crowned homecoming
KING ! :) ! Good job Benji you rock ! he is so nice ! He
is friends with my brother ! then when we left the game I
felt so bad cause I didn't talk to Chris ! and I probably
screwed things over with him !!!!! GO FIGURE ! then we
went to Kati's and had a bunch of junk food watched the
best movie " A Knights Tale " :)!!!!!! *cough burning bush
cough* LOL ! " You remind me of the bible . . if I could
ask God one thing it would be to stop the moon and the
stars so that your beauty and this night could last
forever" awww!!! How cute is that ! I love that movie ! I
have seen it 6 times ! and Heath is YUMMY !!!!!! haha ! If
you haven't seen it you have to ! IT IS THE BEST MOVIE
EVER!!!! I promise you will love it !
TODAY: My mom picked me up from Kati's and we went shopping
for outfits for my Aunts wedding in like 3 weeks! I got the
coolest outfits !!! From THE LIMITED ! I love that store!
$295 on 3 outfits for just the Rehersal dinner,dinner after
the wedding and brunch the day after ! Its a Jewish wedding
so I won't be able to wear the outfits I got once the
wedding stuff is over ! haha ! I just won't eat much ! ok
then I got cute shoes for my outfits ! hehe! My mom payed
for it all ! :)! thank gowsh ! tonight is homecoming and
guess who isn't going ! ME ! I am staying home with Ben and
Jery and we have a date to watch last nights Dark
Angel!!!!!! haha ! LOL ! Maybe I will rent "A Knights
Tale" !!!! The best movie ever! haha I have said that !
Then I think tonight I am going to call someone who I
haven't talked to on the phone for like 2 weeks !
I have to go !
Love always