*Rock Star*

In the head of a band-aid...
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2001-10-06 21:33:54 (UTC)

New to this...

Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Jen, and I hail
from Nashville Tennessee. And I am an aspiring musician.
I really wish I could start a band, but it seems that
really no one has intrest in doing anything around here but
country, and I wanna be a ROCK STAR. If anyone reads this,
let me know if you are intrested, I sing, play guitar, and
bass. I know many musicians and bands, and seeing them as
my friends, and then on stage, I understand how hard it is
and I will be stressed alot, but it is alot of fun, and I
play from my heart, and that means everything...
I really dont have much of a life other than music and my
long time boyfriend, Michael, who also plays guitar and can
sing, but he dont want to be a musician for a career, he'd
rather do taxes, he is a tax coodinator where he works. He
is amazing, he is always there for me and I really love him
alot, and I know I want to spend forever with him, and if I
become someone, hes coming with me!!!
I have a few favorite bands, I am really picky of who I let
go through my ears, I have credentials that a band must
meet for me to listen to them, there are... they must
write their own material, play their own instuments, meet
and greet their fans, stay down to earth, and their music
must be "driving music", I love to drive,and if they sound
good on my car speakers, it is a keeper.
Only a few bands have met my needs, and they are
SparkleDrive, the lead singer, Val, is one of my closest
friends, she has a good heart, and finds good in everyone,
never judgemental, always sweet, kind, caring, and
beautiful, inside and out, and , she totally ROCKS!
Flickerstick, met them loads of times, they are kind, they
were the ones on Vh1, Bands on the Run, they won the show,
and lots of $$$, music videos, gear, lots of stuff, they
are awesome, and they are having a bigger following as I
type. I am their Lead Promoter for Nashville and
Tennessee. AKA, Street team leader, same thing, I promote
the band, I work terribly hard at it too, I love it though,
they are actually playing here, in Nashville, Oct. 11th,
2001. I can wait to see them again, they know me by my
name, which is good. Fits my needs of meeting and greeting
the fans, and they love signing autographs, I have lots of
signed stuff from lots of bands. I used to like No Doubt
alot, even pondered pink hair, permanantly, tatooing a
saturn on my leg, I did go as far as getting brown contacts
like Gwen Stefani. I am extreme. When I like something,
everyone knows, remember my boyfriends name, it is Michael,
just in case you forgot...
I also like Veruca Salt, Pretenders, Kim's Fable (alot),
and Nina Gordon. I know all my not meet and greet, but
they make up in other areas... Harlow is another band that
rocks, with just two power chords, they are good..
Soulcracker is pretty good too, music wise that is, I think
on a personal level they may be jack-offs, they are rivals
of Flickerstick, so I cant say much, but I think they play
their instuments well, not as well as Flickerstick though,
my opinion, thats all, for anyone confused, I LIKE
FLICKERSTICK MORE! I am the leader for Tennessee, no one
get pissed at me please...
I like being online, love emails, other likes are
Volkswagons, I have a Jetta. my guitar, dvd player, love,
time, music, religion, life, children amaze me, Id like to
have 2 maybe in my life, boy, and girl, perfect little
family, laughter is a fav of mine, love to giggle, if
anyone really knows me, I am a clown. I cant dance, I can
only dance if a mic is in my hand, not dancing exactly,
just moving around, I hate fish, I love pasta, I love
toffee, coffee drinks with mocha, hot baths, birds as pets,
I love my cell phone, or maybe just talking, I dont know.
I love my cd collection, I better quit while im ahead, and
head out to promote a show, and I will get back to this
later... I will say "God Bless the USA", and one thing I
am terrified of, is death. Me or my boyfriend dying is my
biggest fears, I hate it. I love you all, dont ever take
me seriously, I dont take myself seriously. Love and Rock.

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