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2001-10-06 21:29:25 (UTC)

Slow Food

I don't like fast food. I like slow food. To that end I'm
making one of my favorite dishes for dinner. And it's easy
too. Take a whole chicken and place in a large roasting
pan. Rub a fair amount of salt into the skin. Peel about a
dozen potatoes and cut lengthwise. Dry well with paper
towels. This is important because you want them to get
crisp, not soggy, as they bake. Add a sliced onion or two
and 2 cups or so of little peeled carrots. Over this pour
about 1/3 vegetable oil, salt and pepper and a little
oregano and mix well. Pour over the chicken and bake in a
400 degree oven for about an hour and a-half. About 15
minutes before serving add 1 cup of frozen green peas and
stir. The vegetables should be checked and stirred every 20
minutes as it's baking. Serve with French bread and butter
and a glass of good white wine.

While I like slow food I seldom use a crock-pot. I don't
know why but I don't. Another favorite dish is soup and our
favorites are chicken noodle, split pea, minestrone, and
french onion. All are easy to make and taste so much better
than that horrible stuff in cans. I'll put those recipes up
later as the weather cools and I began to make them.

A votre sante!