What are you, some kind of Adrien?
2001-10-06 21:20:51 (UTC)


So Erin's party was last night. "Taylor" did come after
all. And I like, hung out with him the entire night! He
started calling me "Uncle Katie" and he hugged me for a
really long time! And when everyone was laying on the
ground with people on their stomachs, and their heads on
other people's stomachs, he made me put my head on his. It
was great. And when we were coming back to Dominion, me and
him were walking ahead of everyone together. I was
practically alone with him and I didn't flip out until I
got home! *dances* I'm so proud of myself!

So, like, I drove by Jonathan's house today. I didn't stop
and go knock on his door or anything...this time. I told
him next time I will. And I will. You'd better believe it.
Only, I'll take someone I know with me like Heather, or

Teleboards screwed up. DIME crossed the boards over, and
now I'm stuck on the old ones, while everyone else is on
the new ones. It sucks completely. I think I'm going to
give up on them and talk to my friends from there on AIM or

So, I'll head off now, as I really only wanted to tell you
about the party.