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2001-10-06 21:09:43 (UTC)

sullivan street

well im just sitting here listening 2 *Sullivan street* by
Counting Crows. And of course..im on AIM..im talkin 2 CiCi!
I dont wanna go 2 my uncle and aunt's house 2night 2 eat
spaghetti..my parents want me 2 go..but i dont want 2. I
wanna stay home and do something more fun! haha jk.
neways...i wish the band would get home cuz i need 2 talk 2
Brian about something. •Somebody• Needs 2 get on IM b4 i
get mad. laurens gone 2 work. shez working til 8..erins
coming over @ 8:30 cuz her and lauren hafta do a project
2gether. Erin's cool. Shez on the tennis team with me.
speaking of tennis..i hafta go 2 this tournament on
monday..we get 2 leave 4th blk @ 2:00..which is good..but i
dont want 2 hafta make up MORE work from biology. well i
think im going 2 go clean up my room somemore..i wonder if
i clean up my sisters room..if my mom would give me $40
instead of my usual $20? cuz laurens room looks like CRAP!
it would take me a few hrz 2 clean it up..haha im going 2!
thats why i have no life. neways..call me if u know the #.

.• : : : :

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