2001-10-06 20:36:20 (UTC)

ok so, yay!first entry in like..

ok so, yay!first entry in like ever. isn't it just great? ok
fine. Anyway. i was sooo incredibly bord i made a diary. i
kinda figured out it's kinda a good thing i have to go to
music school on a saturday because what with me having no
life apart from talking to freaks online it takes up my time
and i'm soo not going to do any homework in it. i'm such a
slacker. for monday i'm supposedly meant to hand in a
picture of a place for art which sounds easy until you see
me draw. someone once told me i painted like a five year old
and then looked just as pleased. which is really rejecting
now come to think about it. theres also an english essay
that was meant to be handed in three weeks ago... oops. hmm
its 21:25 now and i'm going shopping for most of tommorow.
maybe i should get my priorities sorted out