Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-10-06 20:09:44 (UTC)


Last night a bunch of us were hanging out at Eric's house,
and by about ten, everyone had left except Carol and I, and
Parker called. He and Justin had just finished crewing the
play, and they were going to come over a little before
11:00, after stopping by some kids party. So Carol and I
tell them that we'll stay so we can all hang out, and
Parker was going to give me a ride home. By the time 11;15
rolled around, we were starting to wonder why they hadn't
gotten here yet, so Eric called Parker's cell phone, but he
didn't answer. By 11:30, we were pretty pissed off, and we
called again, but he still wasn't answering. We were
figuring that they had just blown us off, and hadn't even
bothered to call. We all had to get up early in the
morning, so we were getting upset with them, and a little
bit worried, but mostly upset, because it wouldn't be
unlike them to either forget, loose track of time, or just
figure we wouldn't mind. By 10 'til, Carol and I had to
go, so Eric drove me home, and on the way he mentioned
something about maybe they got in a wreck, and being rather
cranky at the time, I replied "The way they fuck around
when they're driving together, it wouldn't surprise me".
Then that night, at 12:55, I woke up and sat up in bed, and
for a moment I didn't realize why, and then it rang again,
and for a minute I thought it was my alarm, and being in a
sleep-beffuddled haze, I trying to figure out how I set it
wrong. It wasn't until the third ring that I realized it
was my phone. It was Eric. He was calling to tell me that
Parker and Justin had been in an accident. They had been
sitting at a stop light, and someone had run into them from
behind. They were at the hospital, and they were ok.
Justin was mostly just shook up, but Parker's face is
pretty messed up. And I felt like a world class bitch for
getting pissed at them. I'm just really glad they are ok.

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