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2001-10-06 20:07:14 (UTC)

Yesterday Was The Devil

Yester day was absoultley horrible.

Mrs. Jaramillo was what really started it though. First
she accused mary of not working and kicked her off as web
editor. Then she changed my article in the cannon and one
of the people i wrote the story bout pointed it out. I was
so pissed I didnt even go to class for attendance. And I
had to wait 15 minutes for my lesson teacher to show up and
I had to run the mile.

Then I came home went to work and that sucked. I gave lots
of attitude supposedly.

Well after that I came home and got yelled at numerous
times and tricas sister couldnt get in cause her flight was
canceled and she had to go and i was pissed.

Mom threatened to also take the internet away.

Oh well maybe today will be better.

I love trica

Laters everyone

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