2001-10-06 19:13:17 (UTC)

The Day In The Life of A Depressive

Does anyone wonder what it is like to be a depressive. Come and share a day of my life with me.

Some days are good. Some days are so bad, you want
to crawl under a rock and die. You feel like you
are on a rollercoaster and can never get off.
One day you are up and the next few days you are
down and can get nothing done. No house-work, you
can not pay even get the energy to pay your bills.

You cry on and off. You have no hope and your cries go unheard. You feel abandoned and rejected as well.

I have been struggling with this beast all my life.
I have been through every known antidepressant,
have shock treatment as well.

No one understands you but another depressive.
This is because we can cry together and understand
one another.

Everyone who you thought that cared, does not.
They walk away from you.

All you do is want to get off the rollercoaster
and have a normal life. What ever that is.
You want people to accept you as is, and not
you snap out of it, at the end of their fingers

This has happened to me a number of times.
It hurts. You want to withdrawl into your own
private little world. Where it is safe and peaceful.

I would rather have my own private little island.
Where only those people I invite can come and see
me and stay .

I have more depressive days than good days.
One of those days are those.