inside my mind
2000-11-09 23:05:00 (UTC)

11/9/00 dear diary, today is..

dear diary,
today is the 9th. last night i went out with phil to pick up his
package from Fed-ex. He was all mad because they were on time and not
late, he was also mad because his mouthpiece for his clarinetty was
back ordered.I called heather today and she was all upset because
phil didn't call her yet and he didn't pick her up from school today
and i was like well hunny, he can't always pick you up. she said, "i
know", but i think she just is jealous because i see him every day
and she had me call his house to see if he was ok, pat answered the
phone and was like hes talking to some--body. I was like oh, tell him
that elise called bye. and i called heather right back and she got
more upset because not she thinks he was talking to liz outside but
pat could have been on the phone with his stupid girlfriend and just
made something up so he could stay on the phone but personally i
think he was tellig the truth oh, well. i hope tomorrow is a better
day and all that JAZZ. not. life sucks.