.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-10-06 18:49:58 (UTC)

Sarah's Complexes

What he fucks the deal with me beign so weird all the time,
god dammit...

first off, fuckin thign with clint, he says i need to get
help, i think i need to get over acting like an 8 year
old. so yeah im gonna try and stay calm and be a cunt rag
around him anymore.

second whats the deal with my fixations. its crazy, i had
the weirdest dream last night (2 entres back) hair is a big
thing, of course the whole oral fixation, and you know,
everythign else that makes me turn my head and smile.
damn. so whats gonna happen tonight, me wanna get with
jarred pretty bad, but god, alicia, id feel horrible.

i guess that brings us to the next one, why are boys who
have girlfreinds and are therefore unatainable THAT much
mORE attactive.

whats next? oh my bitch-mood. sorry to anyone and everyone
who cought me in that, its not your fault.

im sad about s and a but its a good time to end, id be glad
to work with starletta or somthing

jarred got on, im done with this dumb topic anyway.