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2001-10-06 18:34:04 (UTC)

lets start with thursday....

yea lets...anyways on thursday GM had a game so....of
course I went! it was pretty fun and i got to see him
without a shirt(damnnnnn!!!!) then after the game was over
he left(or so i thought!) and my friends stayed by the
field and were talking to this other guy and i was
all "yeah well i gotta go!" and i left and right after i
had left he went back and talked to them! WITHOUT HIS
SHIRT! awww god!

so i get up and everythings ok i mean i got off my period
and i could wear anything i wanted so i get ready and i go
to put my deodorant on...i open it and i go to put it on
and i get a bunch of it ALLLL over my shirt(yes it was
black too) so i take a damp towel and rub it out (ause its
7:45 and school starts at 8:15 and i dont have dry hair or
makeup on.)so anyways it looks ok so i get in the car and
leave.and i go to get out to put my cat inside and i falll
right on my hands and knees! so i get all dirty and i have
no time to do barely anything about it! but i end up
looking decent. i get to school get all my books out of my
locker and i look down. i have deodorant stripes all down
my shirt! so i put this dumb sweatshirt thats been in my
locker for weeks on. (so i look like crap cause im wearing
a sweatshirt and a skirt with dumb heels) then im walking
with my friend and see this girl from my spanish class so
i say hi and shes all "hi!" and she points to GM cause she
knows i like him and then shes all "come here" and she
pulls me up to him and introduces me and he said "yeah
kinda" when she asked if he knew me. and then later in
spanish shes all "e was checking you out! i know that look"
AHH! do you think so?!?! ahh so my day wasnt all that bad!
hehehe tell yalls more later!

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