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2001-10-06 17:55:21 (UTC)

Je n'ai que dix minutes pour parler de tous! Aa!

Ah! Hello! At home, forgotten nearly all work from school
so am attempting to memorise Catullus for test on Mon.
(tricky, nasty job) and trying to write English essay (not
happening v. fast, ie. as on internet) Hair has gone
interesting shade of reddish brown, v. nice I think -
slowly morphing into Tori Amos, must stop before start
writing angsty and wierd songs, as bad for mental health.
Toby still being lovely, have decided that he is
permanently drunk/hungover, therefore am wondering why i
get on so well with a drunk/hungover person. Haha, he
attempted to wake me up again at some strange hour of the
night but I cunningly turned my phone off as I was too poo-
tired. Poor love.
Yes anyway must get off internet now, go write something
useful about Englishy things x