Electric monkey
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2001-10-06 17:55:21 (UTC)

10-06-01 [Wany]

so, i sitting here. just got done talking to betsy for a
little bit. im waiting on graham to get here.
last night was mucho fun.
we all went to cracker barrel and ate. and it was really
cold outside and rainy though. and i didnt have a jacket,
but luckly graham had a coat, so i wore his. and good thing
too, that cold doesnt bother him. something like that,
then graham and ben went to a concert of some sort and
jessica, anna and i went to Davids house. where we made
music, which was really fun. and david also showed us naked
women on his computer. that was gross. =P
so now ive got another david mix cd, with all his songs and
then the songs we made last night.
so, im still sitting here. nothing to do. i ate some wheat
thins last night too. they were good. the box is still
sitting on my desk. thats why i mentioned it.
today im wearing the same thing i wore yesterday. i hope
noone minds. although technically i only wore what im
wearing now, yesterday evening. so to get the full usage
out of it i had to wear it some more today. so there. plus
i guess im just lazy. heh. oh well, i dont really care.
i talked to cabren last night online. which was a
surprising thing. cause i didnt think hed ever talk to
me... but he did. so yeah.
ok, well im going to go now. yep.
bye bye