times are a changing
2001-10-06 17:35:29 (UTC)

well...its a start.. i suppose

well i have never really stuck to the idea of a diary
before, its a concept i have treid before but have always
given up on after too short a time. Not really sure why
that was probably due to the fact that i was young then and
didnt have that much to think about but with new age comes
new problems so here i am, thanks to one of my new role
models also having a diary, he is a genuinely friendly
person who has affected me so much despite meeting him so

my life despite being comfortable and seemigly happy has
always been rather difficult, due to my mums reocuring
cancer and my brothers heroin addicition, but for the first
time in my life i actually feel happy.

i got a super girlfriend that loves me, a band that
inspires, my band is also going places, and am doing fine
in school (wel quite well). BUt i just got this lingering
feeling that something bad is likely to happen to me quite
soon, i dont know why but i do.

lets wait and see.

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