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2001-10-06 17:11:59 (UTC)

And Chelle Writes...*dun dun dun*..

Another day has come for yet another rambling about
well...Nothing at all!

today im gonna ATTEMPT to help my daddy with building a
skirting for our hottub....i guess.
and then prolly go do something "fun" tonight.

eh...the man situation is getting alil depressing here.
the more i think about it...the more i go through my
lil "nobody loves gonna die alone" syndrome.
haha the ironic thing is i feel that way...yet i have alot
of guys ask me out and tell me they like me.
I just for some reason never find the ONE GUY i really
want or something.
and when i do...i decide that either its A. not worth
trying because i could get hurt
B. find something trivial to use as an excuse as to why it
wont work...
or C. Just decide that they dont really like me or
i think im wack.
girls are psycho or disturbed or something.
our thought process is totally off the rocker.
I wish i was a guy.
they seriously dont realize how much easier they have it
than girls.
heh its funny to try and argue that too.
but think about it...Boys arent all emmotional and stuff.
alot of them can be "just in it for the sex"...
B. well they think about sex every 3 seconds...we dont do
that unless ur a whore.
girls have this lil attachment problem that we dont even
necessarily like.
C. most chicks rag monthly and go into "bitch mode" for
thankgod i only gotta do that twice a year or i'd cry.
D. Babies..boys dont have to get all fat and carry a big
bowling ball size of a child in their stomach.
or pop the damn thing out a hole smaller than a fist. (i
would HOPE at least)
E. THey can go and piss whereever they want with ease.
try peeing on a tree or the side of a building as a girl.
that takes some art work.
there is no "whipping it out".
we've got jackshit to grip.
to piss our name....hahahahha mad props to any freak of
nature that actually tries.
it'd be quite entertained to watch though id assume.
for my final point of today..
id like to mention that when u boys run...u dont have these
mass watermelons about to give u a black eye if u look down.
Granted only some girls have that problem....its rough
see so we really do get the "shit end" of the deal.

Ive been going though MASS "kevin withdrawls" lately.
I miss him like mad.
i dunno...I am CONSIDERING going to college over by where
he if that should happen...who knows.
heh he still drives me nuts though.

alrighty well im gonna head out
writecha' later

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