.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-10-06 17:06:42 (UTC)

rock out with your c**k out.

yeah that was the stamp we used at the show, rock out with
your cock out, crazy eh.

matt's party is tonight, my mom says she has to talk to his
parents for me to spend the night, bummer. so i dont know
what im doing yet, she also says that i can go ovre there
to 11 and she'll pick me up but that means i cant get too
drunk, and have to realatively behave my self ie: no cum
stains on clothes ect.

hey how bout another dose of The Soap Opera

first a few additives...

party tonight, characters: me, matt, jarred, will, alicia,
derek, joe maybe and some others, alcohol involved, and
sarah wants to git some, thats all i can say for now.
ending uncertain.

i talked to my mom about clint for a good hour today at the
diner, dammit, does it make any sence to ANYONE, god fuck i
hate this, its better when we werent friends at all, for me
at least, i wouldnt screw him over thouhg, but i know i
push him away big time, he knows it too, i feel like a 2nd
grader who pulls the boy's hair she likes. grr.

heart core kisses