Reality Bites
2001-10-06 16:39:28 (UTC)

Last night...

Ok so last nite was SO wierd! Me and Jenn went to the mall
and told our parents we were seeing a movie, but we just
went shopping instead (We saw Tammy and like started
laughing and left), then we saw some of her friends while
we were getting a drink in the food court and we were gonna
go smoke w/ them, but then B and Sam and James called and
told us they were hanging out at Lori's house so they told
us to meet them outside and they'd pick us up, so they all
came and picked me and Jenn up, and it was HELLA wierd!!!
Because of this whole Tammy thing OF COURSE! So we go to
Lori's and they like ignore us exept for Lori (I think B
was high)and then they all leave exept James, so me and
Jenn are like, yea...time for us to go! So we walk to my
friend Kelly's house (All these people go to differnet
schools than us.) and we found B and Lori and Sam over at
Kelly's. So I was talking to Kelly and telling her how
hella wierd I felt, and she was totally cool and just made
me stay. We just all hung outside of Kel's and Sam kept
talking about Tammy and shit, and he called her and I think
it was to get me mad, but whatever...I was good, I didnt
say too much about her. Then me and Sam started talkin' a
little but it was SO wierd cause of what happened in Jan. I
can't believe I dumped him that meanly. I was so stupid!
But he wasnt the nicest to me yesterday about the whole
Tammy thing, but whatever, he wasnt mean either. So then me
and Jenn started walking back to the mall, and B and Sam
were like HELL NO, you arent walking!! So Sam took us, and
the car ride was alright...a little awkward, but
whatev...Like when I got out, I was like, "It was really
good seeing you again Sam." and hes all, "It was good to
see you too" and then I said, "Have fun tomarrow." and he
laughed and I was like, "At homecoming, I really hope you
have fun" and hes like "thanks" and that was it, then me
and Jenna went back to the mall and her mom picked us up. I
cant even belive I did that I basically lied to like
everyone about our plans lol, hope my mom doesnt find out!
whatever tho. Today I'm going to Alyssas and we're gonna
like go get some Cd's and maybe go out w/ Jenn and Brendon,
and maybe Chris and some other people, I dunno, but Im
sleeping over Alyss's tonite. Im out