your face won't stay like that
2001-10-06 15:30:21 (UTC)

i threw oatmeal at my brother

I was innocently eating some oatmeal my mom had made this
morning. I usually am still asleep at 8 on a saturday
morning but i was supposed to go somewhere early today but
it was cancelled. So i was up and mom had made some
oatmeal, which i don't normally like but i had some anyway.
Well as i was eating my younger brother Ethan, age 12,
came done in his boxers. My mom was telling him to do some
stuff and he was pissed off. I told him not to use all the
mayple syrup on the oatmeal. He told me to shut up. I
said his soccer game might get cancelled because it was
raining. He told me to shut up. I told him to stop saying
that to me. He told me to shut up.
I don't think that i am a very impulsive person but
something snapped. Every time I ever say ANYTHING to him
he says the same two words "shut up" It drives me crazy.
So without thinking i got a scoop of oatmeal on my spoon
and threw it at him. I was so surprised at myself. I was
aiming for his face but it hit his neck and cheek.
Once i realized what i had done i made a beeline for
the stairs up to my room. my mom shouted furiously after
me. i am still stuck up in my room and don't want to
venture out. Yikes my moms coming upstairs now. well i am
proud i showed them who's boss. never underestimate the
power of oatmeal.

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