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2001-10-06 15:22:14 (UTC)


ahhhhhh i am sooooooo nervous. st. x's homecoming is in 8
hours!!!! 8!!! and jimmy is pickin me up for dinner
sometime before 6:40!!!! so thats like 6 hours!!! omg this
is sooo nervewracking. i wanna go so bad but im only a lil
freshman! oh its so scary. but im exited. i hope i have
bunches of fun!
ok~ so maybe i should tell u abut myself. im Christie, n im
14 y/o. i live in ky. i am a varsity cheerleader at my
school, which is SHA. i like cheerleading even though its
hard n the coach is mean n cheerleaders are treated like
dirt at SHA, but u live. i am boyfriendless, but am goin to
homecoming with jimmy, but just as friends. i also like to
sing n write n see movies n stuff. i was a gymnast but i
quit. i have blue eyes n brown hair n am about 5'2 or 5'3.
i am not fat. i tink thats all about me.
well ill write later but i gotta go cuz jimmy's gonna be
callin me soon for plans n stuff!
luv yaz~