All in the Night
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2001-10-06 15:11:02 (UTC)


OK so we've had all the events leading up to
homecoming...pep ralley, spirit week, etc...and tonight was
actually the footbal game which we lost of course. WE were
actually ahead of the other team for like 2 minutes...i
really think i could do better than someof the football
players.... ok but anyways, Brooke won lalalala, She and
Josephine were probably the only two that really deserved
to even be on the court, i can't believe Annette wasn't on
it...but anyways, yeah. So then We had the homecoming
dance, and i ended up not havcing to work it... there
weren't very many people there. But anyways, i know i
promised andrew 3 dances, so i'm gonna say sorry for not
keeping that. Agh, i guess i just feel bad when like i
know that there's Amber who has nobody to dance with and
she is my friend so i feel bad about it :( Lol so i made
Andrew dance with her...besides that, i was hot. I mean
like 500 degrees inside that place. Lol i still hate to
dance in public too....i really don't know why b/c i 'll
break it down in my room but then i just really dont' like
to dance in front of people. I think it's b/c i like to
watch myself in my mirror so i can see how i look....that
and you really can't move in jeans...i mean yeah. OK but
anyways, then i came home and i talked to Doug onkine for
like 15 mintues and then he wanted me to cal him so i did.
He was soooo drunk....i mean really. So it was rather
intersting...Doug can't lie when he's drunk...so i found
out A LOT of stuff... I'll get into all that later b/c it
could be very very long...but he ended up inviting Sarah
and i to stay with him at Guilford this weekend b/c there's
supposedly a really big party giong on. But anyways, i
guess i'm gonna go b/c i don;t really know what else to
write wso i'm out.

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