diary name
2001-10-06 14:44:10 (UTC)

wed. oct. 3, 2001

Rocking! i was on phone at work calling for studios to help
with me movie. Out of the corner of me eye i see this guy
come up to me with a pack of papers. I hang up and the guy
in front of me turns out to be Tom who i never met and is
dropping off some papers for me. He says, 'you making a
movie?' yes i tell him i am looking for a studio to edit
the movie. Oh man my step son and i have your paintings
that we found on side of the road... and my step son has a
painting of yours in his office. He is an editor and will
be able to help you with your movie! I just about wet me
pants! I call the step son up and will get back to me next
week. The studio in mind does work for PBS and the history
channel. That same day i get a call from West Chester
University about my movie. 'to many students and studio
time is full.' But the teacher i was talking to said that
he had a studio at home and was willing to help edit the
movie. Just call back when you need to edit. Then Gail
came by with photos she took of me mailing the paintings to
the gallery in Poland. The photos she took were very cool!
What a day at the 'how can i help you..' job! i was so
high with news i was gitty!

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