De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-10-06 14:09:51 (UTC)


Sat 7/10/01 0320hrs

I spent the whole day reading up for my Sociology essay,
finally decided on the topic.."The utility of mass media in
a capitalist society and its related social issue" really
GP-ish...but still...not easy to write 2500words of
least for now..

Night, was the Inter-Hostel Party...Tropicana.... I had
absolutely no tropical i wore my usual porn
shirt with my jungle-flava vest : P .... seyan was in some
hot mini-skirt with a flowery top..while YL wore a bright
yellow top with a bandana tied to her neck... Dai Jian,
Zhaomin, Guo Kai and Ben also joined us ..and we left for
Cumberland Hall around 10pm...

The crowd was quite sizable when we reached... it was
drizzling slightly...and the floor was bloody wet... still
it was a big hall and plenty of space to dance around...
music was quite cheesy at of the pops stuff...
then it went into Hard Rock... then to House...finally to
Retro 70's style music... not too bad... the fun bit was
dancing with the rest for the first time since the Weir
House Ball... I have been lurking in Drum and Bass clubs
for so it's great to dance to some top40 stuff
with the rest..Yl's a mean dancing machine!! she was
wriggling throughout!! it was a riot dancing with her..hehe

One thing weird was we couldnt find Premila when we
reached..later we realied she was drunk silly...and
puking... apparantly she drank before coming to the she was quite tipsy when she arrived.... we had
to help her to recover while trying to call a cab to get
her back to Weir House...the bastard cab driver was so
persistant not to take a drunk passenger... Fucking

Prem managed to recover and soon she was hittin the floors
too... We danced till around 1am...then ciaoed...

at 2am, daylight savings kicked in we adjusted the
time by 1 hour forward... so now we're 5 hours ahead of
Singapore time... one hour lost suddenly..

it was also my grandma's 81st birthday today... i called
home as soon as I reached back... it was good talking to
them again... I guess I do miss home abit...

Well Sunday's homework again... i betta shower and get some