2001-10-06 13:59:28 (UTC)

this is crap!

well ok last night all i wanted to do was talk to my mom
and steve got all upset cuz i said i want to talk to my mom
and not both of u and if he cant understand that well tuff
so he leaves to go mow the lawn and my moms all htanks
amanda well WHATEVER i didnt do crap and she sayd i had an
atitude well neways so this morning hes all on my case and
phillip threw his toy out the window and steve sayd whoever
encoureged him to do it should be grounded and i was like
well i didnt and he got mad at me cuz i backed talk so the
me and phillip were playing around and he bumped his head
and steve acuses me of hiting him well srew that i know he
reads this or my mom does and they tell each other
everything so he needs to CHILLLLLL...
g2g Laterz