.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
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2001-10-06 13:53:23 (UTC)

so long sweet summer...

WOAH, crazy but awesome night, so last night the show went
well, lots of kids, prolly about 150 paid, i was at the
door a whole long time, but i did get to see, a lot of
feeling left out and digger (sarah's faves) and a little of
three star, anyway, all the bands were good, it was rushed,
we had to cut one, violence? a little, hard core dancing
during WHT and smashed wood paneling and knocked dwon
support but whatever, not really my problem, they broke
even which is good, i got a t shirt, cd, patches, sitcker,
and buttons, heartcore was awesome, REPRESENT! almost all
of the crew was ther, and some peopel asked what the deal
was, digger liked that we are all girls (and usuing passive
retalliation against teh DE crews as a whole) so i had a
good time, i had a weird dream last night...

first part was about what was going to happen tonight when
i go to matt's, dream was that i made otu will will and i
orgasmed by him licking my ear, (oh man i have this thing
with ears) anyway
next part was x-mas eve, i hadnt gotten my mom anything for
xmas and we walked to eckards but it closed, next part of
that sequence was with marcus, we had a really weird
discussion on homosexuality.

that was it for the dream, oh moer about last night, i say
joe (drummer of junior) in the most random of coincedences..
i was surveying the damages of the punctuerd wall, and
sorta shaking my head at it and this boy comes up and
says "hey didnt this happen before here" and i say "yeah we
did hardcore over the summer and almost the same thing
happened, we had to pay 100 to repannel that whole wall
overthere" then he says "oh yeah clint told me all about
that" i say "oh you know clint? him and i are sauce" he
says "yeah i play in a band with him" i was like "oh, youre
joe." and the converstation continued about random Junior

speaking of clitn, his birthday is comming up, i was
thinking about getting a card for him and having all of
heart core write in it, but maybe not. im so awkward abotu
what to do and not to do aroudn him, as to not freak him

jason is really adorable.

jillian likes adam a whole lot, i wish he knew that, they
wouldve MAD hooked up last night.

hmm, what else, i think i may try to see if junior can play
the 26th, cause joe says that they arnt playing with SFOP
anymore, shame.

i saw jeff rogers last night and jake, they were cool, nice
kids, digger spent the night at jeff raum's house, im
jealous. but oh well.

ever listen to a comp music playlist and all of a sudden
you get someone elses music, i was listening to good ol
dashboard and then freakin will ford comes on, what the

we stamped peoples hand with the rock out with your cock
out stamp, weird.

thats all.