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2001-10-06 12:21:23 (UTC)

Alone Again Naturally!

I am alone again naturally. My boyfriend had to work a split shift today. He will not be in until
early Sunday morning.

We will go to Mass and then he will go to work again. That is all he does is work, work, work.
He has no time for me. I feel nelgected.

I do not mind my privancy but right now I am having depression and I need someone to hold me and I need
someone to hold on too.

Thank God for Robert. He lives in Illinois and he understands my mood swings, something that HE would not understand. The HE is my first ex husband.

My boyfriend is incapable of it to a certain degree
as well.

My relationship is dead, dead dead! It has been dead for some time. The romance, avanche, and
zip has gone out of it.

My boyfriend's job is killing it off. I wish I could find a man with a 9-5 job so we could have
the weekends together. Not a weekend of sports

My late husband when he was not on drunk, use to spend time with me. We use to play cards, drink
soft drinks, and watch tv. We were really into
each other until he became to possessive,
jealous and insecure.

I hope Robert gets his pictures of me today.
Because next weekend, I am going to meet him.

I am hurting big time now!

Love, AmericanIrishRose

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