Step Into My Own Personal Hell
2001-10-06 10:50:03 (UTC)

:: first entry ::

...well this is my first entry and it's really early in the
morning so im going to have to make this short well as
short as i possibly can.. I just got home from a party so
im feeling pretty good so if i make some mistakes than i
apologize =)...IM just a 22 year old female in a small town
in ohio.. I suffer from manic depression and major
depression as well, but my major depression isn't as bad as
what i deal with for my manic.. lol confusing aint it? i do
self mutilation, it's something that i seem to not be able
to help, the pain help's get rid of the other pain, strange
isn't it? i've tried to commit suicide a few times, but
it's never worked out right, obviously or i wouldn't be
here, my friends told me that every time i feel sucidal and
i can't find anyone to talk to, or if i want to hurt my
self, that i should write it down, so that's why i decided
to get a diary...well i'll tell more in the near future...I
just need to get some sleep now..