Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
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2001-10-06 09:27:15 (UTC)

First Entry~Who is Karen?

*Who is this Karen,and why does she have her own Diary?
Im Karen,19 years old and due with my first child on
November 18,2001.His name hense the diary name is Austin.I
have my own diary to share all the stuff I go through with
everyone in the world.Hopefully I can be some comfort to a
mom who isnt as old as she statisticly should be to rase a
child.Also I'll try to entertain you a little as Im rolling
at the keyboard.
*Where does Karen live and what does she do all day there?
I live in Maryland with my parents and a pickapugg dog named
Tipsers.To quote myself from this afternoon"Lets sit on the
couch and watch TV.After that we can heaten up some food and
eat it sitting on the couch..."My parents arent as poor as
they tell me.Theyre greedy but as long as I can live in
their house and drink up all the ice tea for free I keep my
comments to myself.Who could ask for more than free ice tea
all day?
*What's Karen's Son doing right now?
My little Austin is playing in the womb right now.He always
confuses night time with play time but I cant emagine the
womb being that entertaining to him.Fetal movement has
become so typical that its almost a bother.Sometimes I look
at my stomach and say"Will you just find a place to lay and
stay still for a while?"The strange part about that is my ob
said by now he can hear me through amniotic fluids.Thats why
pediatritions recomend soothing music for a pregnant woman.