Life And Times Of A Not-So-Normal Girl
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2001-10-06 08:37:01 (UTC)


Number of alcoholic beverages consumed: (2) Bud Light and
Red Bull Absolut
Tonight pretty much blew. I decided to go the Sal and Dani
route. I drove all the way to The Quarry just to drive
back downtown to Ludlow's. I have never been there and I
don't recomend it to anyone. It's the hangout for the
social rejects of Columbus. Even the band sucked. It was
so late that we couldn't even stumble to Keegan's to get
some free stuff. Wouldn't have happened anyways. Scottie
wasn't working. Some of the guys showed up for a whole
5min. Sal left with her friends to supposedly go to Tonic,
but they didn't go there (her car was still in the parking
lot next to mine). Prolly went to Keegan's. Slores! I
watched Dani send cell phone msgs to LilJosh. What fun.
At least I got a lameass glow-in-the-dark swizzle stick
from Bacardi. Woohoo.
Tomorrow doesn't look too promising. I work at 4pm and the
game starts at 8pm. Let's see: HeinyGate or Jillians?
You tell me. I'll be lucky to take home 50clams. I hope
it pours freezin' rain on all the turds who get to go down
to Lane Ave. May you all come down with pneumonia! What's
worse is that I get to wear my #8 jersey (Steve
Bellisari). He'll prolly blow the game like he did at UCLA
2wks ago. I hope I *accidently* drop some katchup on it.
Til tomorrow...

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