as the Oval turns
2001-10-06 08:31:08 (UTC)

Two Years

Song of the Season: "Everywhere" - Michelle Branch

It has been two years since I've known Pacey. I remember
the first time I met him, it was fall quarter freshman
year. Claudia had a project for her class, basically her
small group had to create a skit and perform it for part of
their final grade. Since her group was short on manpower,
she went out and recruited more people. I was really cool
with her and we lived on the same floor in the dorms, so
she asked me to be a part of it. She also asked some other
people, including Pacey, who she met in IV and was friends
with her roommate at the time, "Marie." So I first met Pacey at a
practice they were having, and I didn't see anything really special
about him. He reminded me of one of those folk-rock singers that are
always hitting up college campuses, like one of the Blowfish from
Hootie and the Blowfish. It didn't help his cause much that he bore
a slight resemblance to Dave Matthews. The thing was, we had to act
opposite each other...the segment of the play that we were a part of
was the true slavery story of "Celia," it's about a 14 y/o girl Celia
that is bought by a white slaveowner and is subsequently raped on a
consistent basis for about 5 years, until she kills the slaveowner
and burns his body. So I played Celia and he played the slaveowner.
That was the weirdest thing in the world, and unfortunately, he grew
on me. Then all of us that were in the play became friends...that's
how I also met Jenna and a few of my other friends. So we would hang
out, and I found out more about Pacey, and in addition, I felt
unusually comfortable around him. Then the drama kicked up. But in
any case, I could've never predicted the road to here from back

Today after our meeting for IV, a bunch of us ate and hung out in our
friends' room for a while. Bill was sitting up there talking about
how scented products and Mountain Dew lower testosterone counts in
men and that he would tell his future wife to use organic
products...yeah, Bill has his crazy-talking moments :)...including
earlier today on the news when he was being interviewed on campus and
his voice cracked like he was in puberty...that's weird b/c he has a
pretty deep voice, but hey... I remember back in the day when he
wasn't such a social butterfly. We lived in the same dorm freshman
year, and I had a job in our building as a mail carrier, so b/c our
dorm didn't have mailboxes, I would have to personally deliver mail
to every room in the dorm (it sucked big time). So he was one of the
only people I would see regularly in his room all the time, and I
thought he was cute (he sort of favors Tom Cruise, but he's more
boyish), and he seemed nice too, b/c he would always say hi and talk
to me. So winter quarter that year, I visited IV with Claudia and
Pacey, and I saw Bill there. So I was talking to Claudia and making
a comment about Bill being cute, so she said, "He's off limits, Marie
likes him." After that, I put his attractiveness on the backburner.
Later on in the year, when Marie moved out of the room with Claudia
and relocated down the hall closer to me, we became pretty close
friends. At that point Bill's attractiveness went from the
backburner to the garbage disposal set to "liquify." Marie now lives
at home about two hours away from us, but I still wouldn't go there
with Bill. Chicks before dicks, baby!!! Besides, after all this
time I don't see Bill like that me he's my friend, he's
one of my boys.

Two years can make all the difference in the world...the results of
split-second decisions, things that take only a day to present
themselves. Tomorrow I'm going to my first college football game.
It'll be tight...I'm going with Pacey, Bill, Esther, HG, and either
our friend "Skywalker" or Jenna. I know that Brad is going to the
game as well, with his peeps. It'll be just my luck to run into him
while I'm with my friends, and he'll be greeting Pacey like that's
his tightest homey. Oh dear. My luck that they'll be related or
some crap like that, although that I highly doubt...but then again,
crap happens.

Goodnight and see ya later :)